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Quality Windows and Doors

If the time has come to install energy efficient windows in your home or you want to educate yourself about them before making a decision, be sure to consult the window experts at Home Performance Alliance. Whether you own a home in Orlando, Tampa, or St Petersburg, you can trust Home Performance Alliance with all of your replacement window needs.

Our windows come backed by a lifetime transferable warranty. This protects you against defects or improper installation, and will even protect the next owner of the home for up to an entire year. See warranty for details.

Manufactured in Tampa Florida


Save energy and money, and be more Comfortable, too

With energy costs on the rise, more people are coming to realize that energy efficient windows are one of the smartest ways to cut their energy usage and save money. Energy efficient windows will keep your home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter, helping your family to stay comfortable all year.

Doers windows offered by Home Performance Alliance use revolutionary Sashlite technology and eliminate energy waste, save money and protect the environment from carbon emissions. The double pane glass with Cardinal’s LoE3 366® and argon gas keeps the sun’s heat out during the summer and keeps your heat in during the winter, saving energy both in air conditioning and heating throughout the year.

These windows exceed Energy Star’s strict Florida criteria and exceed testing in condensation resistance and water infiltration standards. Our windows use a unique European style with a step and bevel frame for a beautiful exterior.

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The Benefits of the Doers Window™ Add Up So Beautifully

  • Save Energy and Save Money - Eliminate energy waste, save money and protect the environment from carbon emissions.
  • Stay Comfortable All Year - Your home will be cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter.
  • Protect Your Carpets and Furnishing - Your home will be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays with superior glass that is a standard option.
  • Long Lasting - Our window will out last you and your house and will function just as well in 20 years as it does today.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free - With the Sashlite's pure uPVC vinyl, your days of painting windows are over forever.
  • So Easy - Easy to clean, easy to operate and easy to use.
  • Curb Appeal - New windows are beautiful, and everyone will notice.

When You Need Protection from Storms, Turn to the Dominator EXT Impact Window

    Unrivaled Strength and Peace of Mind
    Function and Form
  • The best of both worlds as a hybrid window that is both vinyl (for energy efficiency) and metal (for strength)
  • Built to drain moisture away from your house quickly with a patented dual weep system
  • Laminated glass
    Beautiful Design
  • Larger viewing area than other impact rated windows
  • Clean line profile interior and exterior- blends with all architecture
  • You see more view and less window

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